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07 February 2011

Fashion Film Monday!: African American culture Live in Japan!

If you are familiar with this feature you know that the videos shown are usually well crafted fashion films or interviews that have perfect lighting and editing. Today is a different case and to me quite peculiar. Before the internet created a new consciousness of buddy or friend. This was able to happen. Cross Colors, a brand run by Carl Jones, was able to promote in Japan to an overwhelmingly positive audience. Not only did I grow up at the end of the brands popularity in the 90s but I had a pair of cross color shorts. They were the sickest shorts I owned! The brand left my memory until a few days ago. Jones created the label to celebrate color and diversity as well as condemn gang violence in the 80s. Political messages in clothing are nothing new but I think Jones branded his ideas well. This video inspired me and I hope it will do the same for you. As always I love hearing what you think below!

(This February I have chosen to highlight African Americans that are not on the average radar for BHM.)
Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

3 comment(s):

FVNCY said...

I love this! & I love that you're showcasing a bit of the "underground" ;)


Six Six Sick Girls said...

Incredibly inspiring video--such sick dancemoves! Thank you for sharing.


Arash Mazinani said...

Crazy dance moves, I don't remember the early 90s too much nor do I recognise the brand. I do love early 90s hiphop though.

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