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05 February 2011

In response to a friend pt.3: The Conclusion and outfit post

And so concludes this lengthy discussion and feature on my blog. I wanted to return to the blog with ample to say. Next time I will not wish so hard for content. This month I start the 30x30 project in an attempt to challenge myself and my idea of creating new ideas with what I already have. February also marks Black History Month and I cannot wait to share some interesting stories of African Americans in fashion and art. This is outfit number 3. I was feeling sluggish and decided my comfy and square shouldered Maje top was perfect with this wool banded skirt I picked up at a flea market a year ago.

The book Couture by Caroline Rennolds Milbank

If you read my Twitter you know that I was very proud to finally have a living room after a few months without one. I use it to read fashion books...and take pictures of myself.

 Although this book is rare I highly recommend that you hunt this book down. 
The photos are impressive as well as Milbank's writing.

Metal headband: thrifted choker/ Necklace: gift from a friend/ Skirt: vintage wool
Grandpa stockings: H&M/ Shoes: Bass

To read the rest of the "In Response to a friend" series....

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

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