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10 January 2011

Fashion Film Monday: Philip Lim speaks

Fashion Film Friday will be moved to Mondays from now on as to make room for Friends Fridayz. This week Philip Lim speaks to Purple Magazine about the making of his finale garment for last season. I love indulging in what designers have to say about what they do. Looking at the process and the assistants are also amazing! The assistants are the unsung heroes that are so readily available to the designer and willing to work with him or her. The video is shot well and really helped me to understand how such a complicated garment was made.

Joy D.

2 comment(s):

wobblinbetty said...

loved this video!
when he mentioned the Treasures hunting fase it realy made me wish I was a Fashion designer... sounds so great and creative!
and I love the last bit where he says that when a woman feels great in a dress it means that design was succesful, I totally's not just about how you look in a dress but also about how you feel

FVNCY said...

i love seeing these kinda behind the scenes. i wish more designers were do these regularly.


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