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11 January 2011

Yes Please!: SALE!

Doing a lot with a little is why I have always enjoyed Acne. The Swedish fashion house always impresses with clean lines and forms and stark colors. Only recently have their shoe collections caught the attention of fashionistas. They always amaze me with their refined sense of design and their refusal to bow down to typical trends of "chic" or "things that pop" or any of those other over used expressions in fashion. Bravo Acne for not boring me or the rest of the world. Right now, at this very moment, they are having a pretty big online sale. Go and buy things! I am currently saving up for New York (NYFW), and other exciting trips I can't discuss yet. So I would love to live vicariously through my  readers. Here is what I would love to have in my wardrobe. If you are wondering how I touture myself further, by window shopping please check out my profile. It is chock full of goodies!
Trooper Metallic Boot

Draw Bootie from AW10 collection

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Joy D.

3 comment(s):

Liz said...

WHOA acne sale???? checking it : )

Aja said...

I can't buy anything else on sale. A Rick Owens jacket put a dent in my spending. Ehh, it's beautiful and I love it so whatever.

thefatandskinny said...

OOOOHHHHH that last shoe is but I too am saving for nyc. :(

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