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03 November 2010

A sneak peek into my closet.

This closet has been a lengthy work in progress. How do I fit the shoes? How do I fit the bags and scarves? I decided to do a color gradient for the clothing which I only hint at in the photos. When organizing a closet you have to prioritize. You have to decide what garments and accessories are most important. And make sure your favorites or staples are the first things you see when you open your closet. I go straight for a dress and shoes so it is important for those to always be available for my eye to catch. Then a sturdy handbag, I would be lying if I said I wore a clutch everyday. And to top it off, some jewelry and a scarf. I am a coat person and own about one for every type of southeastern front that comes through during the fall and winter. Pictured are 3 of my favorites: my army cape that I will soon alter, camel cape, and faux leopard print fur jacket.

Question: Do you have any tricks for your closet?

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

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Lara said...

I have a pathetic small closet and can't see over half my clothes when I open the tiny door. Like you, I have to switch it constantly, keeping seasonal and important things in the front all the time. I also forget I have things so, a mid-season switch is crucial or I'll wear the same things over and over. Ridiculous.

Michelle Elaine said...


and i wanna see that leopard number!


liz said...

I have a faux leopard coat that is my absolute fave too...Your closet is so organized, my closet is my couch

Rush said...

There are a couple reasons why I would probably not become a fashion blogger, and the reson you've highlighted here is definitely one of them.

However, I'm not sure if it's really safe to say this is entirely true, because recently I've been seeing quite a few fashion bloggers who are popular on the net, but are not fair skinned.

I guess the stigma is still there--but I do think that if you present content that people will be excited about. No matter what you look like, you will gain a following.

You have to remember that, there are people out there who look just like you, and are fed up with the fact that only girls who look nothing like them are on the net representing the face of fashion and beauty.

There are people who feel just like you do, and would breathe a sigh of relief to see your face on their screen, doing exactly what they thought they could not do.

Very insightful post.

arash said...

Thanks for coming through and posting. I'm glad you taking the plunge and having a wardrobe clear out. I always think it's a good idea to do it once a month. I always find it clears the mind too. lol.

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