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03 September 2010

Fashion Film Friday!: Proenza Schouler and Harmony Korine collab

This is a newsbreak!
I love Harmony Korine, I have seen all his works excluding Trash Humpers. I love that he refuses to take video and film and make it into something cheap. Instead he opts to always go outside of the box. Sometimes that leaves critiques to isolate Korine into as an art film director. How cheap of them! He is usually dealing with difficult stereotypes and social mores. I get a kick out of seeing him distort and amplify them.

This collaboration is odd, to say the least. It captures a young Nashville "gang member" and her friends fully clad in Proenza Schouler. She discusses her life and how she, as most teens and 20s, wants to escape her town. You get the sense that her daily activities are a release from everything. It is a pretty relate-able story. The clothes are almost apart of this story. They act as a uniform for this sort of rebellion or release. It's uncertain who came to who to do this project. But I believe it was a good decision on the parts of both collective teams to push fashion film into something more than showcasing the clothes in all their glory. The dialogue included in this film is the key.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

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Annie @ Wiloh said...

Trash Humpers, having been filmed in Harmony's hometown of Nashville, stars a few acquaintances of mine--local legends. Really talented guys.

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