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12 March 2010

"Globalization is a myth"

-Yvan Rodic aka the Face Hunter

(Disclaimer: If you don't know I am going to blow your mind about a great guy in the streetstyle world.)
Many of my readers are bloggers themselves and know the name Face Hunter. I received an email from Thames and Hudson and they sent me a copy to review. Wow! Little ole me? I was flattered. Yvan's work has inspired me since day one and I literally fawn over his work. Rodic manages to convey happiness and gangsta in one photo and ultra feminine isolation in another (Like the photo above). The best part about Rodic the man is that he doesn't over think his work and has no formal training.

Oh, Miss Julia Frakes. She is a heavy weight contributor of Paper Magazine and has the best closet (just about ever, lol).  She looks completely confident. Rodic chose the street with dense traffic in the background and I like how calm she is. Rodic has traveled all over the world, hitting five continents, and has managed to create his own philosophies of his work. And although Rodic is not a philosopher he offers a new word for what is taking place: creolization. And while this sort of verbage seems arcane I think it is a good word to describe how easy someone from one country can communicate and share ideas with another person in a place thousands of miles away. Favorite things: Shoes and bag.

In another post I explain just how detail oriented Rodic's photos are. He does not compensate the clothing's shape in a shot. I think the jacket is Terence Koh, any help with identifying the jacket would be great. His portraits are so carefree....

Floral gloves and a killer hat are what make this outfit. There are little charms in every photo. I could look at this with my friend Jenny and we could pick out various details we like about one photo. In societies around the world media is becoming a bigger and better format for communication and absorbing information. Rodic believes, and I agree, that globalization is a myth. In his book he states “The belief that international brands and pop culture are making the world a standardized society populated by clones is an old-skool science fiction vision of the future, not the reality of the 21st century.” 

The coolest mom around! Again, another example of how Rodic shots carefree images. His subjects aren't trying too hard and are a great document of emotion and everyday life. Favorite thing: leggings and skateboard.

To get you in the spring/summer spirit I chose this photo. The subject of the photo is so sunshiny and happy. She is wearing an ingenious jumper, too! My favorite thing: Tote and layering bangles and watches.
In all, I am truly inspired with the subjects of Yvan Rodic's work. Included in the book are photos of London club kids, Susie Bubble, and that geometric dress worn by a certain German editor. 

You can purchase Yvan's book at Thames and Hudson's website (HERE).
Life is beautiful,let's share a little.
Joy D.

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