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07 February 2010

Yvan Rodic and his attention to detail *swoon*

Exhibit 1: This lovely young lady bested a heavy coat and cinched the waist. It is a volumous interpretation on the duster. Now i want a sweater coat. Closet make room!

Do see? Tuxedo black, navy blue, light blue? Usually I would cringe. Not because I am pretentious, it just has to be done a certain way. This is the way I like it.

Yes it is a picture with Charles Guislain in it. (Yes I think he is awesome.) But I like this photo because it encompasses a little of what is happening right now in Fashion Blogging. The street style candidate poses, Photographers frame up the shot and snap him. And here is Charles Guislain, someone already expected to do fantastic things in the fashion world, sitting idly by. I think fashion blogging  and treet style photography have come a very long way.

I like this about Rodic's work, he shots the individual clothing and the details. I like how the sweater looks with a small metal necklace.

This guy is fierce. He looks as though he could kick some one's ass. I love the crazy long fur front. I cannot tell if it is a scarf or one piece. I love the layering of the outer layers, and that cigarette.

I've been a great-big-huge fan of The Face Hunter for a long time but I haven't really blogged about him. He has a show he did a couple years back and is putting out a book in the near future. I have enjoyed watching both Rodic's and Schuman's careers blossom on this crazy fashion blogging scene. Dare I say, I am proud to see hard work produce wonderful photographers. I haven't met either of them, yet. When I do I will try less to be a fan girl and more so to just absorb anything they have to say. I have selected a few of my favorite new photos from his Yvan blog, a more laid back approach and features some street style outtakes.
And here's Yvan:

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

4 comment(s):

Dolly Daydream said...

I do love the first sweater coat I love the mixture of different bold colours and how that made her stand out from the otherwise boring crowd.

Now I am not an expert on men's fashion but I like it when men have that certain vintage-ness about them that way they can get away with wearing vintage bow ties and blazers, for example that slick back hairdo.

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Zenobie said...

I love that guy with the cigarette too, his layering skills are epic

Sabine said...

Love the comfy, but oh-so-fashionable coat! Great pictures!

Sabine said...

Love the comfy, but oh-so-fashionable coat! Great pictures!

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