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02 January 2010

A brand new year: Excitement!

1.Studying abroad: I might get a chance to study in Brussels, Belgium. I am very excited. I haven't been out of the country in so long. I don't have any details yet, I meet with my advisor in a few weeks! Please feel free to email me with suggestions on places to visit or shops to browse.

2.The Gentlewoman: Hold on, this is backwards: A men's fashion magazine makes a women's fashion magazine? Call me crazy but I am thrilled. The sneak peek in Fantastic Man left me curious, confused, and excited. I love being thrown for a loop in the fashion world. I love Twists.

3.Alice and Wonderland and other blockbuster movies: Will this be another Johnny Depp in a Tim Burton movie or will Johnny boy stop upstaging? I don't know; I like Helen Bottom Carter and I am interested in seeing the relatively no name supporting actors (such as Tweedle Dee and Dum played by the same actor). Also coming to theaters: The White Ribbon, Iron Man2, KickAss!, and a few others. It is sure to be a great year for movies.

4.Interview with Just4funweb: The ladies of Just 4 Fun Web have been nice enough to answer a few of my questions. Their story is much more interesting than most. I hope you are as intrigued as I am. This will be the first interview I have done for this site since the interview I did with Adeline Rapon last year.

5. V Magazine's "Size" Issue: I was taken a back when I saw the the preview for this collection at Nicola Formichetti's blog. My conscience jumped up and said YES! But my pessimist mind said, oh boy... I have no problem with the issue and I am happy that this is really happening. I am equally excited for the fashion world's reaction whether it be positive or negative.

Life is beautiful, let’s share a little. 
Joy D.

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Birgit said...


Love Birgit

g said...

sounds good ! happy new year, and good luck with all ur plans

ps: jersey shore is wonderful seriously, stupid and so so addictive

Birgit said...


Love Birgit

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