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29 September 2009


ph: Open ceremony

I was supposed to document my 21st by taking pictures each awake hour but I didn't, I got half way though the day and got all caught up with how much love there was. First I woke up to C rushing to work. I went to my house and laid around, I watched Lost in Translation which always makes me feel surreal. I go to my one class and to my surprise!: it isn't boring per usual, i engage in conversation and that was great. I then get groceries on my Dad's dime, thanks DAD! We go to a thrift store. Now let me tell you if me and my dad ever have free time and spot a new or favorite thrift store we go in and look around. It turns out it was a friend of my Dad's. Long story short: I got Akira and White Boyz on VHS, I put Sanford and Son seasons 3 and 4 on hold. So I get home and lay around all the while trying to figure out where I want to go to eat. My mom insisted on taking me out and I couldn't disappoint. I decided on Akbar which turned out to be fabulous for everyone.
Speaking of fabulous: Both cards I from C and my mom and Mike said I was fabulous. Really? That is great! Anywhoo, Akbar went over well with everyone. I was surrounded by love for the first time since early August and it felt great. I don't need fancy things when I have good people in my life. But I don't mind fancy things like the 1 terabyte hard drive, 1 bottle of Chardonnay, fancy vegetarian cookbook, 50 dollar gift certificate, 1 bottle of red wine, and I-pod classic I got. Life is sweet. Now in an hour I will wake up and study and start something C likes to call: My Workhorse day. Where I spend 14+ hours awake, in school/commuting. BTW C said he loved me, probably the best birthday gift in the whole wide world.

Peace + Love.
Joy D.

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