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28 March 2011

Fashion Film Monday!/ Paying the bills #3: Alvaro de la Herran for Elle and Range Rover

Magazine's have to pay the bills too. How you ask: Ads are one but how about taking that to the next level? What if the editorial and the car ads came alive? That is exactly what Alvaro de la Herran did. He created a masterful experience that left me wanting chunky wristlets, big faux fur, and a huge SUV. I know better than to destroy the environment with one of those things but it just looked so cool! This is exactly the point of a commercial and a fashion film. I figure they are slowly becoming one in the same and this is one of the first examples of this merger. Although there are several sites focusing on discussing these things I hope to open it up a little more with my new blog. Let's get a little heavy this year, okay? 

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 
Joy D.

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