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25 January 2011

Moodboarding: Bluez and Blax

As if! 
I can't articulate my loves and likes very well without splitting them up into sections. But to delineate from this I have made a collage of what has been on my mind lately. Black and blue is often what I dress in if I am not out on the town. It is a pretty matte way to dress during the day which is why I get colorful in clothing selection at night. For this first of many posts like this I have been terrible at crediting these pictures but I will do my best underneath. 
From top right...
1. Unknown credit: knit underwear and shorts are something I want to make and wear or purchase. But I am not sure when either event will take place. Seeing as I have been too sick to string words together to blog it will not be the former. Aren't they gorgeous? And they are perfect for winter or summer.

2. Street snap by Face Hunter (I think): A nicely dressed couple is always inspiring. I like his trench just as much as I like her school marm dress. I am still obsessed with long dresses but would prefer for the "maxi dress" trend to die. Does it have to be a maxi? Can it just be a long or flowly or lengthy gown? 

3. An editorial on The Fashionisto: The models face is comically stoic. And I think he is trying to tell me about my life since the new year started. The hat is the most inspiring but I would rather stare at it then wear it.

4. The Facehunter (in Taipei): How moody, to get the full extent of this gentleman's outfit you have to click on the photo above. He is dressed in an impressive purple trouser and carries a leather briefcase as a manpurse. 

5. Hedi Slimane: Yes Mr. Slimane did capture de Niro. Photographers everywhere are gasping in jealousy I am sure. Hmm, why is this inspiring? It is his stare, the stare of a man that knows a lot from pure experience. My grandmother gives this same smirk from time to time. It is just a landmark picture to me. Although since tumblrs and photographers are a dime a dozen this picture will not have any weight to the general public. You can find the rest of the photos on Slimane's diary blog.

6. The Fashionisto: Patrick Dine is a model I am not familiar with but is stoic model stare got me to pay attention. I think the hairstyle also encouraged me to take a closer look at this intense photo.

7. Unknown (maybe Face Hunter): Oh cloud shoes, why can't you be mine? Maybe one day I will come across some canvas oxfords that I can sponge paint on. Until then...I yearn still.

I love the well thought out comments I have been getting from you! What inspires you this week? Would it be over kill to post this once a week?

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 
Joy D.

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