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13 January 2011

Favored Opinions: Tom Ford S/S 2011 Collection

Here is a new feature on the blog, yes another one, where I give praise to or politely disagree with the fashion business. And where else to start but the newest Tom Ford menswear lookbook for the Spring/Summer season. Where do I start with this one? I sincerely love the Palm Springs, Casablanca, Cuban pimp aesthetic but....
Let's start with my favorites. Sheer admiration goes to the days when wearing wingtips and mini polkadot ties were in style. Those guys were a dime a dozen in the 20s, 40s, and even the 50s and 60s. But what happened? Maybe we, the consumer, got a little too lazy. Maybe we ditched the idea of looking good as an idea of narcissism. That makes sense because it is a little narcissistic to worry about what plaid goes with what shoe or which suit jacket to wear with that particular tie. But I digress to say: I love that stuff! And the model gives off this air of young man in grown man clothes. I have a problem with that and will come back to that in a bit.

As I truly examined each  garment in the collection I started to notice why it was so appealing. These are feminine cuts! Tom Ford has always been heralded for getting the female shape down to a science but I am not sure where he is going with these shapes. It is also a little obvious that he loves making his own point about garments and the fashion industry from season to season. Even when he did consulting with the infamous Carine Roitfeld they liked to inject some kind of confusion in sexuality in their work. The slender form of the trousers to the right give me heart palpatations; this is a good thing!

 Ok, so the models. Do they have to have Corbin Bleu hair? This fact alone would make me want to turn the page on this collection. I did mention he is supposed to be a master mind at the editorial yet the laissez-faire poses and apathetic expressions are over used. I am not quite sure the fashion vocabulary but the pulled blazer collar has been done, Lanvin anyone? However I am a fan of the flamboyant bow tie, I would love to pick up one of those.
Yes: it is Spring/Summer. Yes: I love purple and satin pink. But no, Tom Ford and Etro, and even Lanvin: I do not want to see little pool boy Gigolos. It is not fair to want all menswear to be masculine but I am not always a fair person. Plus, the pieces individually are amazing but together they look like a thrift store compilation. There is a ray of sunshine: check out the watch-gold chain combo! This is another accessory I would love to have in my closet. So far, I am lusting after the jewelry, the bow tie, the shoes, and the high waisted brown trouser. What do you like/dislike about the collection? I always love your responses.

PS. If you got the scrilla check out where to buy: Tom Ford Store Finder

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

3 comment(s):

Liz said...

I was wondering where your comments went before!

I only like the first two looks, everything else is def. pool boy gigolo yacht companion, and the cut of the pants is really awkward

rushel said...

The hair! I can't stop staring at his hair (the dark haired one).

The clothes is nice too ;)

chuck n. said...

i don't really like this collection. there's too much of tom ford's cocky persona injected into this. also, the prints have been done time and time again by etro.

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