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19 January 2011

The big change: I am moving my items from Etsy

After such a huge push to get started on Etsy I felt a little intimidate by the fact that I did not have the tools or the resources to sell there so I will be moving my items to Ebay for the time being. Stay tuned friends. There are still a couple pieces up on the Etsy. I will also keep it open just in case I decide to make some things of my own. And just so this isn't with out pictures here are some pictures I took during New Years. I had a great 
deal of fun.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

3 comment(s):

Liz said...

love your party pics! Need to come to Baltimore, seriously. When it get's warmer, I think I'm looking at a road trip

Rush said...

Your photos are getting better and better. I love' em.

iplayfaves said...

Thanks Rush!

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