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17 November 2010

Sponsored post!: Cougar Boots

There is a first time for everything and I am glad that the time has come for my first sponsored post. It was a month, or so, ago that I was contacted by an affiliate company to help promote Cougar Shoes, as a fun brand, to the States. What an opportunity! I was not familiar with the brand so, being the responsible blogger and historian, I did a little research and fell in love with Cougar Inc.'s message and product. And who doesn't want a sturdy boot for heavy precipitation? Now it is your turn to wax poetic. Cougar Shoes would like to know what you think! For every person that fills out this survey Matchstick, the affliate company, will donate a small sum to the Red Cross. I know, it's a survey, but it is for a good cause. Just think about some of the disasters that could be aided: Haiti, the ever present oil spill victims, and the Red Cross's blood bank that has facilitated health for many years. To fill out the survey click here.

When you first land on the Cougar Inc. site you will notice a lovely video playing in the background. It was a warm feeling I got from it all, the music helps too. The companies goal is to create a family friendly environment. While I would not call my blog family friendly I am definitely on board for tender feelings and cozy fires, which is how the boots make me feel. Yes, Cougar sent over two pairs of their shoes for me to try out! It was fun pairing clothes in my wardrobe with their Tibet and Ringo Star styles. 

The Tibet

A pretty unassuming boot but with great character. It is made of pure rubber and has a polar fleece lining. It IS as cozy as it sounds. Here is the kicker: it can withstand 32°F to -11°F (or 0°C to -24°C)! My feeling in these was that of a punk, no joke. I felt like i could do some real stomping in these. Since it has yet to snow I won't know their real magical powers until then I am happy to kick in some doors while waiting.

The Ringo Star

I must admit I giggled a bit at the name but I do feel like a Russian supermodel in these boots. They are made of nylon with a lining  made of Cougar's famous polar plush. (All I want to say is Yum!) The key with these styles is that they are unassuming but get the job done. By unassuming I mean there are no bells and whistles (grommets, studs, and etc.) on the outside to put the average customer off to a really well made shoe. On the inside they are really comfortable and easy to take on and off. This is particularly great since I was, ugh, "blessed" with a high instep.

Again a big thanks to Matchstick and Cougar Inc!
Dress: Thrift
Hat: Grandmother's
Ring: Charlotte Russe 

 Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

9 comment(s):

Lesley said...

great boot post! I'm writing mine tonight!

Sister Wolf said...

You look lovely!

Sherry said...

I'm having fun checking out everyone else's boots. I got the Tibet boots too but I chose the Ravishing winter boots instead. I'm so happy with mine!

My post is here:

luyi said...


i want sponsored boots too!! lol

Annushka said...

I Love this boots)))
Super look dear!!!


Those boots are great...they remind me of a pair I have and just love.

♥ V
twitter: @gritandglamour


looking good in that dress.
i like simple.

luyi said...


i want sponsored boots too!! lol

Sister Wolf said...

You look lovely!

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