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26 November 2010

Fashion Film Friday: Uniqlo's Uniqlok

Uniqlo has been a favorite for a while although it has only been a couple of years since I have been able to get my hands on their clothes. This is all thanks to their New York flagship which I cannot wait to visit in February. Above is a video of which I can't really explain. I know if you click on the Uniqlok link on their site it will take you there and the video will play in a continuous loop. I encourage you to go to the site and experience it for yourself. Tell me what you think below!
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Joy D.

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etoilee8 said...

I really like Uniqlo's videos. The music and the composition is always spot on. But mostly the music. And I love the dance moves. My bf has been bragging about shopping at Uniqlo in Asia. I am a bit jealous of that. That wall of cashmere gets me every time.

Henri said...

I've always found UNIQLO an exciting brand, particularly when it comes to their online campaigns. It's highly reflective of their uniquely designed, brightly coloured men's clothing and women's clothing.

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