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03 August 2010

Yes Please: Candy Tokyo

Nicola Formichetti is a stylist and I read his blog. He made some very very interesting rings for this store in Tokyo called Candy. I haven't heard much about this shop but now that they have an e-store browsing is so much easier. Although Formichetti's rings aren't my taste (creepy critters anyone?) I selected a few pieces I would buy.*
*if I could afford the bill for 1 grand.

I don't think it is in poor taste. As the ignorant people say on the street: "Black Micheal was dead a long time ago." Isn't that a shame. The way the image is silk screened is great. It is very possible that if one were to where that out in the general public they might be harassed.

1. If I want to be Peter Pan I will need this hat. I have this whole theme in my head. It involves a Margiela tunic. 
2. If I am ever going to conquer the world I would need a hat like this. It is such a powerful hat! House of Flora makes other fun headpieces that are sold here.     

I cannot get enough of see-through so I had to include this. It looks so soft.

Yaazbukey makes things I want to buy for me and my friends. There is more at the e-store including a necklace of  Karl Lagerfeld's face. Who wouldn't want to carry around a big mouse purse?

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

6 comment(s):

InnyVinny said...

Lagerfeld necklace? I'd wear it. Yup.

And that ring is a bit creepy...

etoilee8 said...

That shirt is creepy . . . I just don't think I could hack it, but the "happy" necklace. Love.

Sarah Kay said...

Love, love the see-thru top - can totally see you rockin that.

BenchesandChandeliers said...

that little mouse coin purse is soo adorable!

liz said...

ah the shirt is def. creepy..and i liked it much more before I realized it was MK and then I was unsure..

but the hats are amazing and I want one in my life

InnyVinny said...

Lagerfeld necklace? I'd wear it. Yup.

And that ring is a bit creepy...

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