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13 August 2010

Fashion Film Friday: Griffin presented by Present Future Films (Double feature)

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 I was recently contacted by Present Future Films about Griffin's video for Italian Vogue. We discussed Griffin's work a bit and I agreed to post about his work.  I highly recommend his newest fashion film Zan Dara. As an incentive here are some juicy stills.How do you contain the exploration of light, emotion, and the "concept of being" into one minute? I would have to say that Griffin is pushing the envelop a bit. In a sense he is pushing the envelop to question how limited could you make art. And I like his ideas. He has worked with popular music artists like Pharrel but I am most excited about what he will do in the realm of fashion film. Diane Pernet, of course, was the first to explore his work and went as far as to feature two of his films. Pernet selects fashion films, most of a peculiar kind, to Italian Vogue's video lab. I can't believe that film has come to this point as I was losing hope that anyone (directors and producers) wanted to stretch boundaries at all.

I was not familiar with his work until I realized he was commissioned by Rodarte for Nick Knights SHOWstudio to do a fashion film. It was called Vox Humana and features Jenny Lewis. Oddly enough Griffin has worked with Kenneth Anger who I featured last week. I guess it is a small world....

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