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05 May 2010

This used to be....

This used to be how my room looked. This is what my hair used to look like. 
This past weekend I cleaned and studied and was totally proud of myself. I was thinking of something to post today and thought why not post how I have improved in the past few months. I went from feeling pretty shitty to feeling like 1000 bucks. I am pessimistic, don't expect me to feel like a million bucks. I never posted these photos and I must have just forgot about them. Shame on me. 

How else have things gotten better? I am headed to San Fran in June to chill with friends and celebrate the Captain's birthday.  I am heading to NY in July to see my besties and go to Siren Festival. When I think about my plans I get all happy inside. When I think about how I have narrowly escaped lots uncomfortable and compromising life situations in the past few months I thank my friends. So thank you friends from Enid to G and Chris and Jared and everyone in between! 
Have a good Wednesday!!!

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

5 comment(s):

mapetiteamy said...

That dress is really pretty and I like your pad - it's trippy. Good luck with the shop too! Welcome to the club ;)

Fashion156 said...

Fashion156 loves Prada's satin shoes!

Clare said...

Ooh I like your room! I bet it looks even better now :)

tweet tweet tweet


liz said...

your room is cute as hell. Siren is going to be awesomeeeee too. : )

Fashion156 said...

Fashion156 loves Prada's satin shoes!

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