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11 May 2010

Still lagging but there is always music!

This is Future Islands. While they are originally from NC they have embraced Baltimore, where I currently reside. Talent is an understatement. They are just doing their thing and doing it well. Sam, the lead singer, has a weird voice and that is what most people tell me. Before my influence from others I thought his voice was kind of sexy. But what do I know?

Their newest album was put out on Thrill Jockey (Congrats boys!). And I got to listen to it a little early. Needless to say I really love what they do with music. I say this because they are considered a New Wave band and who isn't sick and tired of that. They are definitely agressive and I like that too. I also like that they don't wear skinny jeans and have 5 o'clock shadows.

I try to keep name dropping to a minimum on this blog. It takes away from the whole process of creating content for this blog. But since I am in a fashion lull I want to talk more about music! Hopefully this will give me a kick in the pants. Sam, however, has some impressive style. He always wears slacks and a dress shirt. On top of that people seem captivated by his facial expressions. More on his style and swagger at a later date.
Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

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odetoawe said...

His voice is weird but in a really good way, it's such a surprise to hear him against the music, definitely wasn't expecting it but I'm into it the video's are awesome.

Clare said...


tweet tweet tweet


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