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05 February 2010

Yes, Please. (no. 2)

I want, must have, omg! 
This is another installment of Yes, Please. It is a gluttonous segment where I fawn over things. 

I started dreads a couple of weeks ago. So excited to show them to you. They are teenie tiny right now. Dreadlocks are defined by those that wear them and the way they wear them. I am absolutely sure that it will take a long time for my hair to be this long. However, I am truly inspired by the height this guy gave his hair. Picture is from Yvan Rodic.

I kind of despise the boots, I even forget the designer. But, I do love the crepe-esque skirt. So sheer it looks like a translucent paper bag. And I don't know about you but that gets me excited. This is a Tommy Ton (of Jak and Jil) photograph

Really? Do I have to say? Bows, diamonds, heels. This is an ad (unknown source). I wish I could live in shoes like this. I would be the most ridiculous girl in the warehouse.

Both the shoe and the perfume are great. I like the composition the most. This comes from a staff member of Another, I think. She is super cute and has a penchant for wearing red lipstick.

Who wouldn't want to drink their coffee from this in the morning? Imagine, you could be the tough guy in the office. Photo is by Viktor Vauthier.
Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy Davis

3 comment(s):

Antonio Barros said...

I want to see your dreads! :)

Kennedy said...

oh these are all so inspiring! i loved reading this post of yours <3

Kennedy said...

oh these are all so inspiring! i loved reading this post of yours <3

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