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01 March 2010

IFave_Daniel Pallilo

IFave Daniel Pallilo because....

photos: The Fashionisto

My introduction to Daniel Pallilo was through HelLooks way back in 2005 or so. His name would pop up often when people would discuss what they were wearing. I decided to do some research on the brand and where it came from. Since then I have been in love with his bulky shapes ever since. Pictured above is his newest men's collection. You can revel over the rest of the collection here. In the present I am happy that he has more notoriety and many stores such as Jargol and Welcome to Hunters La.


His collections over the seasons inspire me to do big things. 
Shape:I read an interview on him two years back. He was asked to describe his collection and his response? Big and Black. This is part of his swagger but an even bigger part of why I love his clothes. The shapes are always huge and comfy. I wish I could get my hands on the striped sweatshirt in from his Spring 2009 collection.

"Swagger": Palillo is very good at producing a great product but not really boasting about it. That is because he makes the clothes for himself. He has remained underground for many years. The public, especially those looking for some "outrageous" street wear, know exactly who he is. Most of the stores that carry his collections often sell out. His message is tied into his clothing. Often he is compared to Bernhard Willhelm and I think it is a somewhat fair comparison. However, Palillo stays away from color for the most part and conveys a message using, typically, black and white. 

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