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11 January 2010

Stark y Blanco, part two

1-4: Testshootgallery, 5: Febuary 2010 Vogue China cover
6: Juergen Paape's "so weit wie noch nie" via Maison Chaplin

FREEBIE: CoutequeCoute has done an inspiring post today about the House of Organza's video preview. Go for it! I love the fluidity and movement in the video. I love Test Shoot Gallery! That isn't an exaggeration. I have pure love for their well laid out website and nicely done photographs. It is a website and a concept that started on facebook. I can't even imagine their work on Facebook's platform but I think you should check out their site. Boaring holes into skulls on the cover of Vogue China's February issue. I am into it!

 Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

4 comment(s):

Natalie said...

great photos, i love it! :) said...

very nice!

Obscura said...

oh wow!

This is super weird...

Roxana said...

weird in a very weird way. but awesome. am I making any sense?

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