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01 August 2009

Video flash-----BACK: Hugo Boss Summer 09



Alright, this does remind me of fashion tv that used to air on style network in the States. It was so cheesy but filled my appetite of backstage shots and sneak peek interviews with the behind the scenes machines (production managers, hair stylists, make-up artists, etc.). This video puts me in a nostalgia of sitting by the tv at a young age, with my mom, watching the models traipse up and down the runway in clean cut designs which brings me to the subject of these videos, Hugo Boss. I enjoy Hugo Boss, always have. The fashion house seems so stream line. I notice I adhere to the classics and the ultimate designers that do not typically veer off of their stylistic path. Is this a bad thing? Oh no, am I doomed to be a boring person instead of the fashionista I have always wanted to be?! Can't be all that bad. Whatever happened to Style network. The Look for Less is a lame show and they know it.

Ps. I would like to give a much needed shout out to the Fashionisto and Heavy Metal Fashion for being awesome and entertaining my fashion commentary on their blogs for the past couple of weeks. I've tried to keep my mind off of my current situation and their blogs have helped, thanks guys!

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