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16 August 2009

This one's for G.

Hello everyone and good morning. Many moons ago I set out to make a 90s mixtape. This was first brought on by the girls over at Rebelle Zine going on and on about 90s music. The second inspiration came from providing a soundtrack to a club scene that took place in a play I directed late June. So that leads me to the mixtape project itself. After four heavy, and cubersome, torrents later I manufactured the peace de resistance of mixtapes. I like to call it: 90s Jammie Jams vol.1 . Just a note to make about the collage: I made it in tacky 90s clipart style on purpose. Anyone can indulge in this but this post is dedicated to G, no real reason really. I didn't think you could dedicate blog posts to fellow bloggers, but I just did! Any suggestions for another one? What about a fall theme. The collage will be much more kickass next time, scouts honor.


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