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04 August 2009


Haha I am laughin' up a storm over the new blog dramaz. You know: The chick from Luxirare gets hated on. And then a girl feels a little insecure about her creations. Why? The girl shouldn't be so dissuaded to DIY, I agree. And The Queen over at Kingdom of Style, and rightly so, posted about the email she received from the woman. Now what is so funny is the barrage of comments going every which way about the situation at hand. In the end you guys: Luxirare works very very hard on her creations but you don't have to put that much effort into it if you do not want. Nexo, a commentor with a bone to is the best, Susie Bubble gives him/her the once for. And this is why i indulge in blogs...
Joy D.

3 comment(s):

WendyB said...

All I can say is you don't want to do something so badly if you're threatened by other people's creations. I thought that was weirdly insecure.

joy said...

Thank you, I thought it was very bizarre that she took it so seriously. I guess blogs are a big deal nowadays. remember when they weren't cool, like in a million years?

Heavy Metal Fashion said...


I didn't know she got hated on!


I agree with you about the's my least favorite as well...the sleeves ruin it.


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