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06 June 2009


A. OK crotchet bandage dress [link]
Lusty opinion: I need this dress. Because that flouncy-colorful coat will take up all my time and I won't have the stamina to make it. It would be a great layering piece in my closet.

Extreme clothes dyeing [by Alia Penner]
Opinion: who wouldn't want to dive in a tub full of dye? I know it is silly but I know you have thought about it.

my most favorite couple of the moment.
Commentary: I know she looks a little weird but all in all she comes from one of my most favorite country's I have never been to. Oh, and she is "with" Micheal Pitt who looks better than ever.

Recession Tee [shop shabd]
My worry: This recession shirt would be cool to wear on campus or as an ice breaker, at parties, on the hideous economic situation. Of course I am joking. I really want this shirt but I don't know if it is too cheesy or not. I just found out about the guy that created this amazing t-shirt, shabd simon-alexander. He has more tie dyed creations on his site.
Joy d.

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