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05 May 2009

Studs and grommets vs. simple cuts and mute colors

Personally I like both but in moderation. I agree with Miss Woo and Picked Pics, there should be a definite return to the simple and clean. Where I live studs, ripped clothes, etc. are kind of a uniform. That is okay sometimes but I definitely like it when I see someone around that puts effort in making there clothes presentable.

I've decided to do a fun Pros and Cons using this cool site called I recommend it for the Photoshop illiterate like myself. Shoes featured can be found at F-troupe's website.

Face Hunter Show is on now, fashionistas and blog fanatics a like tune in!

Paris part 1 from The Facehunter Show on Vimeo.

being that I am the later and not the former I am stoked. This episode he explores the change that street style snap shots and fashion blogs have caused. I mean, I love him to death, but I didn't realize the Satorialist was so short. Maybe I am just hatin' because he is in Paris talking three languages with Yvan and I am stuck inside with East Coast rain.

2 comment(s):

Natalie said...

love the balmains, i just did a post on studs too!

joy said...

I would love to see more simple things but I doubt the trend will die anytime soon.

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