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29 December 2009


Oh 90s You Crack me up inside.

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the infamous Susie Bubble

Sonic Youth [single]

Cibo Matto

I am thrilled that everyone is wearing 90s inspired garments and the floral mini-dress is still popular. I, however, stopped having the warewithall to want to dress, 90s. Although my favorite items were my Adidas puffy jacket, my 3 pairs of big hoops, my reeboks, and cartoon socks. I just loved colors and textures and prints.
I have been listening to a lot of 90s music; lots of 90s Jay-Z, Sterolab, Sonic Youth, and DMX. Right now I am listening to the Sonic Youth "Sister" Interview record. This kind of record is a little above me. I am not really about immersing myself in the artists' theories or concepts about their art. It dissolves all the mystery and makes some of the music "less fun". My favorite sound bite from the interviews is Kim Gordon saying "Our songs are like tight jeans..."

With love.
Joy D.

3 comment(s):

Tee Sea said...

The 90s are fucking fabulous, my dear!!

please check out my blogs :)

Sabine said...

The fashion question is: 70s or 90s? I'd go for 90s!


90? time flies, lol, happy 2010!

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