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03 December 2009


My life in some order
1. Finals in two weeks
2. 12 page paper on ancient marble quarries due Monday.
3. Co-worker's show @ Floristree
4. Journal Entries
5. Clean room
6. Laundry
7. Work*

*Spro coffee is opening it's doors December 19th. It is official so now I will blog the mess out of it. I am constantly feeling like I am not with the program. I feel completely out of it. Usually I would have my dad around to motivate me during this sort of crunch. But he's not there, I am on my own. I have been absent from blogging because I am not quite sure why I am blogging at a time like this. Too much is happening in my life for me to explain or for you, my small pool of readers could understand.

I leave you with Alessandra Calabi. She inspires my life right now and not so much my wardrobe. She also reminds me of Chelsea S.

Alessandra Calabi from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

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g said...

ive just re-discovered stylelikeu through your post. totally forgot about it, its still super interesting. i wish you good luck with your finals xxx

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