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01 February 2011

Posing in Fashion: a look at Margareth Doorduin's photography

Everyone always want to know the posing secrets of the fashion blogger, model in the street, and the celebrities. I think it is completely arbitrary and I also know my readers couldn't care much either. So we will skip the how tos, okay? Margareth Doorduin has done something incredible in that she has captured my interest in posing for the camera. (The last photo resonates with me not just because the model is not stick thin but because the print of the dress reminds me of a coveted Stine Goya number I posted about ages ago.) She is an artist so the clothes are more apart of a landscape than the focal point. I love the way the body is contorted and the clothing becomes a new...something! I like that I cannot pin point what that something is.

For more on this artist please visit her website:

If you can better articulate how you feel about her work I would love to hear it.... ^_^

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

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Fajr Muhammad said...

I like that the focus isn't on the model's face and more on the shape and silhouette.

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