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17 January 2011

Fashion Film Monday!: Susie Bubble on MonkiTv

Susie Bubble is a hero and I am glad that Steve from Style Salvage makes a small appearance. Without sounding too creepy I have followed Susie Lau's blog since the first year it got its start. No one can argue its importance or Susie's amazing self learned fashion scholar, of sorts. This short film gives a glimpse of the many aspects of Susie's blog career and what having a successful blog entails. She is no joke. I hope you enjoy! Also of note: Monki's approach to this series which I will discuss next month when they have a new fashionista they cover!

Sorry to pull the video but I do have some spiffy stills for you! The video started automatically and I know how annoying that can be so here is the link to the video on

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FVNCY said...

I love Susie Bubble I imagine her being super approachable in person.


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