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13 November 2010

Just bought: Lorick dress

I never talk about my commercial endeavors on this blog. This one I am pretty proud of as I waited with baited breath for Gilt Groupe to get it back in stock. Lorick fits me well but I have always wanted a fun piece from them. And while this dress might scream SPRING not is a cheery little number that will definitely brighten my spirits when I wear it.

If you are unfamiliar with
It is a website that facilitates some amazing brands and their sale items, all in one place. The importance of it? Gilt is one of the first of it's kind to present this format. The sales run limited, similar to a sample sale at a brick and mortar. So the thrill of getting the item is increased by the time frame and exclusivity. Up now is Marni, yes that Marni. They have also expanded to include menswear, kids, and vacation packages. Oh how I would love to go to Bali and spend some R&R on a resort.
I have invitation codes so feel free to shop away:

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5 comment(s):

Michelle Elaine said...

Oooo I think you can make it a Fall piece by just adding some browns and rich reds or oranges :) How about like brown tights and a red cardigan or coat?


Six Six Sick said...

Wnat a cute dress! Gilt is a terrible addiction of mine.

WendyB said...

It's very cheerful!

Rush said...

I love the cut of your dress, and the colours--could easily be remixed, dressed up, and dressed down in so many ways. Love it.

Gilt would be an addiction if I had a credit card and could afford it.

Six Six Sick said...

Wnat a cute dress! Gilt is a terrible addiction of mine.

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