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01 June 2010

I buy into plagiarism!

I want ot make this clear so that  I will not be harangued by a Erin Wasson wannabe. I, Joy D., buy into plagiarism.

Haven't bought a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's shoes but I have promoted them a lot on my blog. I like his shoes! It is, however becoming more obvious which shoe he is copying. In a sense he isn't trying hard to put any spin on the original. Yes, I know that this is how "he"/the company make money but if you read one of the headlines of the week, IT's LEGAL. And the designers know this as well as Jeffrey Campbell. It does not excuse it but it is legal. I still feel a little dirty now, being a little more educated, about picking up what seems to be a knockoff at the store.

I have bought items of clothing from a store knowing it was a copy. Since this time I have tried to curb my knockoff purchases and wait patiently for a designer piece I can afford. I waited for one particular Alexander Wang onepiece for a month. I do not buy as much clothing as I used to because I have resources in which to recycle my wardrobe. For example, my building has a clothing swap twice a year. I'm not a fashionista who can afford every piece in the Proenza Schouler collection however gorgeous. The love is in the hunt for pieces I would cherish in my closet.

It is sad to see the blogging community become what it is. I am sad that friends of mine are getting shunned because they believe in a less saturated and disseminated culture. Where is the community we have all been talking about? Jennine of IFB must be shaking her head somewhere. I am.

There are no solutions I can offer. Those people know who they are who are ruining it for the rest of us. Especially one blogger that wants to create a union for bloggers. This will be a bumpy 2010 for bloggers there is no way around it.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

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liz said...

I hear what you are saying, but even though it is legal, it feels wrong. Especially when the pieces are literally copies. With the Zara/blogger thing, although legal, def. feels unethical and stupid on Zara's part in general since they could have gotten a lot better (good!) buzz working with the blogger.

Would I "boycott" JC or Zara because I don't like some of their copies or practices? No. At the same time, I might think twice about which products of theirs I do support.

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