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22 May 2010

Yes Please: Yoox Vintage

So a few days ago I was window shopping over at and to my surprise they have a vintage section. A fashion forward buddy would come in handy as we would bust out laughing at the idea that Yoox had a vintage shop. Then we would go silent as we looked through all the cute, glamourus,
awe-inspiring pieces.

1. Saint Germain Dress: A big fan of the print on the fabric. It is a very top heavy two piece and I'm a very top heavy girl. I am a fan of this dress because it reminds me of one I used to have.

2-4 UGO CORREANI jewelry: I had never heard of this designer and what a shame! The thorny necklace makes me uncomfortable but I like that a piece of jewelry can do that without being overtly offensive.

5. Zandra Rhodes dress: Another designer I will have to research. I like the length and its misshapen body. I like long dresses that drape the body: new favorite thing!

6.Monet necklace: Since my father started a jewelry branch of his antique buyer business I have been in love with pieces by Monet. This piece is very fluid and i like the "latex" chain mixed with the gold chain. 

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.

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Prutha said...

love the barb wire necklace!!

follow if u like what u see?



I could school you on Zandra Rhodes!!!

luyi said...


creative cookie said...

wow, what an amazing store...thanks for sharing.

creative cookie said...

wow, what an amazing store...thanks for sharing.

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