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15 May 2010

Jason Poissin in Think Contra

This is a "fresh off the presses" kind of editorial it was shot for Think Contra. They have a great blog to supplement their online magazine. I am very intrigued by online magazines because they don't have any rules yet and are really in the beta stages. I still love the real think but Contra is only online. Their presentation is well done. Jason Poissin isn't a favorite model but he is great in this editorial. This is a rather humorous feature, see dog next to a fifth of jack and cigarettes.

You know how I love skinny guys in headdresses.
Tumblr idea? Maybe.

Freja Beha anyone?

haha make that two fifths and a handle?


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liz said...

whoa loving this. the cute guy in the headdress, wowzers haha. I'm with you on the whole online magazine thing, definitely next wave and I'm riding it, altho I don't think it can every replace the real thing

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