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29 March 2010

Yes_Please: Omg Books

Tim Barber's Highschool
I am not far removed from this 4 years of turbulence and I like the way Barber captures it. He makes it seem bearable. You can find this at Oogabooga Store.

Bernhard Willhelm's Het Totaal Rappel
I have always loved the boundaries pushed by Willhelm. I have also enjoyed following his work grow through the years. It is weird I can say that about this artist because he is fairly young.  You can find this at Oogabooga Store.

Helmut Newton and Lewis Carrol photography files
The photo files published by Thames and Hudson are comprehensive and exceptional. I picked Helmut Newton and Lewis Carrol as my favorites. They were both fairly risque artists but I am a fan of how they conveyed that. Not a la Terry Richardson, I am starting to get over the high contrasted photography and tits (and Va-j-j).

Comment: If I had space in my crammed library I would buy these and much much more. It might be my priorities but I don't mind shelling out money for books that inspire me. I guess they feel more permanent to me. 

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

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