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06 March 2010

Yes, Please: the Fashion Week edition

Albertus Swaneopel -for-Timo Weiland
photo by
It's that time again where I gush over the things I want.If you know me personally then you know that I love wrapping my head in fabric. I even have a Christian Dior turban I wear just about every week. I can't get a enough of them! Albertus Swaneopel does a great turban interpretation, a very loose version that I will probably sport all summer.

I am not a big fan of Alberta Ferreti's newest collection but leave it to Refinery29 to boost my benign interest by throwing in a Muppets reference. I hope you are aware that there will be a new Muppets movie coming out in the near future. I also hear Miss Piggy is being styled as Lady Gaga but it is probably a horrible rumor.

This is a plug, I repeat I am shamelessly plugging my etsy shop I have been working on starting in a year. It isn't that I have been compiling pieces per say. I have changed my vision for the shop a million times and have settled on picking vintage pieces that appeal to current trends or current inspirations I see in editorials. I hope to jump start it next Monday. Equipment failures set me back, gotta love business!

This is a recent party pic of Aurel Schmidt and Chloe Sevingy. I don't look up to them but I sure as hell respect what they do and how they carry themselves. Regardless of what the haters say they continue to do what they do.  It is a good lesson for the sheepish at heart like myself. 

Not one, but two shots of my favorite look from Damir Doma. Words can't express. The layering of the grays and long silhouette. I am a long silhouette kind of girl. This collection, and some others from Paris Fashion Week, make me use lots of explatives!!!!
Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

4 comment(s):

eeeeenid said...

Dior turban?! Must see. Hand over. Now now now!

(Doom Generation sort of disturbed the shit out of me! Whoever plays X is an absurdly pretty human being, though.)

eeeeenid said...

San Francisco is beautiful, no doubt about it. Let's tear up this town!!

Obscura said...

ooooh so fun.

eeeeenid said...

San Francisco is beautiful, no doubt about it. Let's tear up this town!!

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