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15 March 2010

Life Update in pictures.

The line at UNIQLO. Jesus! Such a long wait but it was worth it, I bought some long knee socks, a dress, and a belt for my man.

I have been all ova the place since the snow stopped and school started back up. So I owe you an update right? This is Illenia, I used to work with her. She is a doll and a very talented illustrator. Also she likes booty music so she is on my list for favorite people.

This is Mora I just met her the other day. She found an ingenious way of wearing my hat. I met her at a Microshow where my friends performed with their friends. It was a great and intimate experience

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.

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SabinePsynopsis said...

Uniqlo is such a great shop for basics, I think. I nearly went on Saturday, but after Topshop and H&M I just couldn't face another big high street shop. Sweet friends!

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