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15 February 2010

MKA in Love Magazine/ Joy's Big Day

MKA smokin and styling in Love Magazine.

I hope you have been checking twitter because I have been tweeting up a storm! I purchased quite a bit and I cannot wait until I get home to show you. I still have a few shopping places on my list, some will have to wait for next time like the Tim Burton exhibit at MOMA. [insert sad face] Maybe I will go visit a friend at APC because I was sidetracked by lingerie and didn't get there on time. Damn you bloomers!

I needed this trip, it was nice to be selfish and roam around the city with no time limit and no expressed goals. I ended the days with an enriching bath.

Today's docket will be exciting! I sound like a little school girl but I have reason. Fashion blogging, and blogging itself, has become such an entity of its own on the internet. It is also growing faster than traditional journalists can handle. Why am I excited about the IFB conference? Because for the second time ever the best of the best will be discussing the ins and outs. And not only is that an important but it is special. A lot of these men and women I admire and welcome their opinions and ideas. Without most of them my blog, Iplayfaves, wouldn't exist in its truest form for you to read.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

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Chelsea Rae said...

Seriously, this conference was so good. Especially the ethics panel. It almost felt like fight night with people hollering and getting beligerent.

I want to go to the MoMA for the Tim Burton exhibit too, I'm sort of obsessed with his awkwardness (and genius)!

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