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01 February 2010

I live in Bmore.

I live in Bmore and most people don't know where that is. Some people don't even recognize that Maryland is between DC and Philly so we get passed over a lot. I love my city but I can't wait to leave and explore unknown worlds like Belgium and Australia. One of the best parts about the city is where I live. It is the Copy Cat building and it is by far been the best and worst experience living there. It is a massive building with 4 sides (A, B,C, and F). I live on the F and my boy on the B. He has shows at his house sometimes and they are always amazing. Him and the guys of the Good Son always manage to find a variety of sound and bring it together. They had a show last weekend and pictures were posted online! Pretty cool eh? I never knew the Good Soon was that good.

 Lonnie Walker


Each show is different and everyone has a lot of fun. I also get exposed to the music stuff that most won't ever get to see. That is why I like house shows more than big venue soirée. I see big venue shows as soirées because they seem way more staged and articulated. I wonder if any of my readers have experienced a house show. Truly a one of a kind experience that everyone can enjoy. I am also interested if nay of my readers know of anyone or if they themselves have lived in a warehouse space. I love hearing stories.
Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

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