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12 February 2010

The Big Snow: The First Snow

The main drag/my street/my finger at the bottom.

I went out to a friend's gallery opening down the street.
It was worth it to trek in the snow.
This is Liz and her friend. Liz showed a piece at the show.

I forget her name but she is a sweet girl.
She was SPONGE GIRL, a girl who is covered in sponges and cleaned everything.
Even people, it was fitting for the event as every piece at the gallery had to do with working or manual labor and the devices used.
sorry for the caps.

The crowd: It was packed to the brim at the Annex Theater.

This was my favorite piece in the whole gallery. This opinion might change once I go to the closing. I will have a better camera for the closing show.

One of the coolest kids I know. Sam Shea is a cool cat.
He performed that night and it was both stunning and comical.
Everyone hooted, hollered, and applauded.

Kasai, my roommate and good friend, showed up at a fashionable time.
It was nice to be surrounded by friends.

This is the road to the gallery.
The weirdest part about the whole snow storm was not being able to see the road for a week.

Outside view from the 3rd floor.

This is outside my boyfriends window. There is a balcony of sorts and it was covered in snow!
The snow managed to get inside of our windows as well. Yay ghetto windows!

Outside of my boyfriend's window. This is during the first snow fall. There were little rabbit holes everywhere that you could travel in.

These are some photos of the craziness that has been The East Coast Blizzard of 2010, so far. With news reports predicting another snow fall on Monday who knows when I will be back in class. It is kind of nice. I haven't been doing much though. I have finished most of my assignments. The second weirdest part about the city is that it is illegal to drive for a couple of days in the city.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

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mapetiteamy said...

Haha! Sponge Girl. That is awesome. Wow, Vancouver could sure use some of your snow right now...on the other-hand I'm no Olympic fan, so, oh well! I love snow, though. It's pretty.

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