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03 January 2010

My year via camera phone

Dec-19 14:36
Dec-07 19:13
Aug-04 11:48
Aug-04 10:57
Aug-04 10:41

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(1. Snow fall in Bmore: me, May, Abigail, and the dogs make snow angels and dig a lady's car out of the snow with our bare hands. 2. The food that would be my last meal for the next two days; stomach virus suck. 3. Chris, the Captain, looking cool calm and collected at my family reunion. My family loved him. 4. Eating out with Pa: I miss him a whole lot but this is a great memory. He totally shoved a half eaten roll in his mouth for this shot. 5. This is technically 2 years ago...I had a different do. 6. This year I have been getting more and more in shape. That is important to me because I would like to be able to hike up a mountain by this summer.)

I was going to make a promise to put some real pictures (wardrobe, life, parties) on here but I like that I haven't really attached my smiling face to this blog. I will try to work on it though. This past year, as I have talked about before, has been especially rocky and I am happy to be out alive. Message here is, count your blessings.

Life is beautiful, let’s share a little.
Joy D.

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