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19 January 2010

I like seeing photographers photograph what they want. Editorials are great but when you get to see an artists own tastes it is fantastic. That is not to say the photographers taste or aesthetic can not be seen in his/her own work but in the case of Felix Werbowy it is quite obvious. Inadament objects and blurry scapes are why I enjoy Werbowy's work. He also has a blog! If I had photographing prowess I would want all of my photos to be this hallucinogenic and dreamy.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

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my empty closet said...

i completely agree with you - editorials will always produce a specific style of image, even if the photographers personal stamp is's their side projects that say the most about them...

Cami said...

these are lovely... I love that idea that you can capture beauty off guard, or in something that isn't asking for it. Nice post love. Glad you're back. x

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