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19 October 2009

Immediate update

Is this what bloggers are gonna rave about next? Doilies linked on dresses. No,no, no. I just saw this on Susie Bubble's blog who is no question fantastic. I can't get down with this. Or the recent spring of the return of the 50s prep that is slowly creeping in. I am crossing my fingers that none of this will get too crazy or too popular.


There is truly something happening in the world of fashion that I do not like. I definitely don't consider myself a member of the fashion community except for the fact I literally buy into it. So my point, or rather my question is: What becomes of the fashion community when they start transforming into the rest of lemmings that truncate vernacular and terminology as well as dumb down their audience? I am a firm believer in not taking fashion seriously but I don't know if this is missing the point. This truncation isn't the first and it is the only recent example that happened to inspire this whole post. So forgive me if this is long winded.

Every once and awhile a cub has to roar.
Joy D.

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