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02 October 2009

Fashion Movie confidential

Fashion Movies!!! Everyone is talking about them now that The September Issue has been out for a few weeks. I have yet to see it but I will definitely peep it via streaming video soon. But what about the others that came before, the precursors to what has been known as a tiny glimpse into the glamorous, and dramatic, lives of fashion elite? Refinery 29 did all the work for me so I would not have to compile a boring list here. I am taking a chance to peruse the old favorites. And that is where this great thing called the internet comes in handy!

I am starting with Lagerfeld Confidential and working my way up the list. Expect screen caps for your little peepers to enjoy. I am not really into movie reviews so my opinions will be brief. I suggest anyone that hasn't seen any of the movies on the list to take some time out of your fashionable lives and check them out. I've decided to tag any and all things I set out to do on this blog or otherwise as mission just so that everyone can see how well I am (not) doing. Haha.

I'll be watching,

Joy D.

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