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28 October 2009

Ahaha round up

Yvan and his new blog are quite possibly the only thing on the internet that brightens my day. Second comes Ally but I know she isn't offended.

I don't remember who took this but Bradford Cox is featured with his dog. Both of their faces are priceless.

I love Wildfox. Even though I won't be able to afford a 112 dollar tee shirt I still get a kick out of their editorials. You know these ladies have close ties to Cobrasnake right? That is exactly what this picture reminds me of. When I look at this and laugh I am kind of laughing at myself because I used to really be into looking at Misshapes and Cobrasnake party photos at the beginning.

Does anyone know the band depicted on these pants. Another Yvan photo that warms my heart with laughter. These pants are greatL I both hate them and lust after them.

Life is complicated especially when you add color.
Joy D.

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you take care...dont exhaust yourself out.

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