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13 August 2009

Vampires+ Lady Gaga

equals two things I am against at the moment.

I was totally into Buffy, Charmed, and Interview with a Vampire but the vampire craze has come back in hideous abundance. I am reminded of a South park episode (2 seasons ago?) where all the popular kids dress "goth" and drink tomato juice and call themselves vampires. I am sure this is happening....somewhere but it is an extreme example of my distaste of the subject. I have also not given the REAL reason that I don't like Lady G. First her pros: She has an exceptional voice and can rock any item of clothing she wants. Her cons: She uses all her, aforementioned, talents for evil to induce everyone into this excess that is so over, in my mind. To inundate the public with how obnoxious you are is doing a disservice to your profession and everything else. I also have to comment on my comment by saying it is just my opinion.

I am obviously in the majority because she is in every magazine and in every city touring and playing music. Another thing that you might not know. She looks great without the loads of designer make-up she piles on her face. I am going to put one more contradiction out there. NICOLA FORMICHETTI is one of my favorite stylists therefore I am in love with this shoot he did for Out Magazine. Also, Ellen von Unwerth snapped all the shots.

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luyi said...

lady gaga = grrrr to me!

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