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08 August 2009

Eggplant Night revisited.

Eggplant parmesan sin parm.

Scott Russell original tag, on my oven.

More pictures from the awesome experience that was eggplant night at my house. I invited Jared and his camera crew and a couple of bands into my house and I don't regret a single moment. It was fun with friends, cooking, and good music. One comment I will make, it was so hot! I definitely need more fans in my house.


Jared T. Fischer: one of my best friends and the host of the magnificient event. He is not the type to be cynical or sarcastic, he carries a happy sun wherever he goes. This was all of his idea and general planning and I give him much props.


Shawn V.: my elementary school best bud who i re-met 2 years ago, we have been getting closer ever since. He is the key person in making the films and photos you see here now look so good.

Kat made my favorite dish of the night. I love her cooking and I am so sad she is moving away to LA.

Christiana and Chris: they prepared a salad according to Christiana's recipie. Soooo good.

Hannah B. She cooked a russo-franc dish that tasted so goooood. She is also the lead singer in Mr. Moccasin.


Boy Ghost played and it was their first show! They sounded great.

Food eater #1/ Anna M. she is an original cast member from episode one. She is so great.



All Gone!
ps.I am taking a it of a break to max and relax with my man and job hunt. see you Sooon loves! Mwah!
Joy D.

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The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Holy shit, is this a show you had at your apartment?! This looks like so much fun, and the eggplant looks pretty tasty too! I want to come!


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